About US

We pledge to serve as a non-profit organization to the Marion County Sheriff’s Office by engaging in fund raising activities to support the Sheriff’s Office and its volunteer functions.

(Click HERE to download the Foundation brochure in PDF format:  MCSO Brochure)

The Foundation is funded by:

  • Individual Contributions
  • Business Donations
  • Fundraisers
  • Community Partnerships

Board of Directors:


    Applegate                William                    6495 NE 1 Ln                         Ocala       FL           34470      apple304@gmail.com              352-236-4520                Treasurer

    Callahan                  Mary                       6062 SW 84th St                      Ocala       FL           34476      mcallahan005@cfl.rr.com       352-861-4201                President

    Case                         Beverly                   7981 SW 81st Loop                 Ocala       FL            34476      bcase@marionso.com             352-812- 8185                Secretary

    Case                        William                    7981 SW 81st   Loop               Ocala      FL            34476      wcase@marionso.com             352- 812-8184

    Congdon                 Cynthia                    6482 SW 109th Pl                    Ocala       FL           34476      ccngdn@aol.com                     352-873-8376


    Conn                       Robert                      8564 SW 107th Place              Ocala      FL            34481      bconn@marionso.com            352-237- 8109


    Januchowski           Roger                      8172 SW 108th St Rd              Ocala       FL           34481      roger@januchowski.net          352-209-5785         Vice-President


    Jurczyszyn,             Leon                        16843 SE 86th Deptford Ct.    The Villages, FL     32162      ljurc@yahoo.com                    352-751-0477

    Richards                  Allan                       8686A SW 97th Ln Rd            Ocala       FL           34481      sylvanmonroe@msn.com        734-777-7893

    Richards                  Phyllis                     8686A SW 97th Ln Rd            Ocala       FL           34481      sylvanmonroe@msn.com        734-777-7895

    Ritter                       Joan                         8441 SW 60th Ct                     Ocala       FL           34476      jritter13@cfl.rr.com352-237-1588

    Skogsbergh             Gary                        16357 SW 14th Ave. Rd          Ocala       FL           34473      gskogsberghsr@gmail.com     920-338-9885

    Sweeney                  Earl                          5995 NE 63rd St                      Silver Springs FL    34488      K4lsb25@gmail.com               352-236-0180

    Ulmer                      Thomas                   12756 SE 90th Ct Rd               Summerfield FL      34491      TULMER22@yahoo.com       352-307 8226

    Ulmer                      Janice                      12756 SE 90th Ct Rd               Summerfield FL      34491      janice.ulmer@yahoo.com        352-307-8226

    Lt. Wissinger           Michelle                  MCSO Liaison                                                                        mwissinger@marionso.com    352-368-3543

    Lowe                       Jenifer                     Alternate MCSO Liaison                                                        jlowe@marionso.com

    Updated: 07.23.14                   Beverly Case, Secretary

2014 Foundation Board Meeting Dates in PDF format:  MCSO Dates

9:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. Emergency Operations Center (EOC)

To make a contribution:

Make checks payable to:

Marion County Sheriff’s Office Foundation, Inc.

Mail to:

Marion County Sheriff’s Office Foundation, PO Box 1987, Ocala, Florida, 34478

All donations are tax deductible. 

The Marion County Sheriff’s Office Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit public charity and is qualified to receive tax deductible bequests, devises, transfers or gifts under section 2055, 2106 or 2522 of the IRS code.

You can contact us by either emailing us at foundation@marionso.com or by calling

Thank you.